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Placement Test

To assess your knowledge, you just pay online and receive by email a code to activate the test. After payment you will receive detailed instructions and  access to the trial version of the test. Good luck!

Cambridge Placement Test is a new product, designed to assess the level of English proficiency of the student in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Encourage your students to take a sample test to place them in a group at a suitable exam level. The test includes listening and lexico-grammatical aspect.

The main advantages of the Placement Test:

-test is in online format: you can access the test at any time from any location where there is Internet connection;

- efficiency: the test lasts 30-50 minutes, the final score is available immediately after it's completion;

- adaptability of the questions and accurate result: the difficulty of the questions varies depending on previously given answers. This allows to determine a candidate's knowledge more accurately;