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PTE YL Exam for children

Pearson Test of English Young Learners (PTE YL) is an interesting and enthralling exam program for children from 5 till 12 years old, designed in a special entertaining and inspiring way.


PTE Young Learners consists of 4 levels:

Firstwords —  1-2 years of learning English

Springboard —2-3 years of learning English

Quickmarch — 3-4 years of learning English

Breakthrough — 4-5 years of learning English

Young Learners

Test Time (writing)

Test Time (speaking)


1 hr

25 mins


1 hr

25 mins


1 hr

25 mins


1 hr 15

25 mins


Advantages of PTE Young Learners

  • Motivates and provides security in personal abilities

Oral part of the exam is held in an entertaining form in the group of 4-5 people, which gives children an opportunity to feel themselves relaxed and not to be afraid of the exam.

  • Based on the original situational scenarios.

Focus is made on the real-life situations, with which children are going to interferer and not on the vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

  • Flexibility and Sociability

Format of the exam is similar to the exercises in the modern schoolbooks. Participating in PTE students can be better prepared for the Unified State Exam and State Final Attestation.

  • Tests four main language skills

Testing examines skills in: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Communicative basis of tests allow them to be shorter without negative impact to the quality of the knowledge assessment.

  • Appraisal and Certification

Test are designed and assessed by the leading educational company in the United Kingdom – Edexcel. Candidates that has passed the test successfully, receive an international certificate, that confirms their level of English.


Supplement with the amount of received points in each part of the exam is given in the addition to the certificate.

Kids that did not get the enough amount of points receive a certificate of attendance.