IELTS Department manager

IELTS Department Manager - Peter Polehovky



Registration Procedure

  • What you need for the registration 

    For the registration procedure you need:
    • identity document (ID card or passport);
    • fill in IELTS application form ;
    • pay the registration fee.

  • Registration at LT-Pro office 

    At the office you can fill in the application form and pay the registration fee (by cash or credit card).


    Our office address: Mayakovsky str.1 


    LT-Pro office work time

    Mon-Fri 9:30-20:00  

    Sat 11:00-18:00


  • Online registration 

    Online Registration 

    You will need to  upload a copy of your ID document which must include the following information:

    • ID document number
    • ID expiry date
    • Image of yourself as seen on ID document
    • Your name as seen on the ID document
    • Your date of birth
    • Signature (if it appears on ID document)

    You can only attach one document. If your photo and signature are on separate pages, please insert both items into a single word or PDF document.

    The photo within the ID document must be clear and meet our format guidelines:

    • Dimensions: at least 800 x 700 pixels
    • Size: less than 1.5 Mb
    • File format: tiff, jpg, doc, docx, pdf, png, gif, jpeg

    Please ensure that the digital copy you import is clear and legible